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Cornerstone Capital are the fastest growing Cryptocurrency wealth management company in the UK.

We specialise in all areas of Cryptocurrency with over 20 years experience. Our experts use market analysis, extensive research and current affairs to scrutinise the market, allowing us to make the best decisions for our clients.

Understanding the market properly is vital for the growth of the portfolio's we manage. We make sure to stay ahead of the crowd to maximise the wealth of our clientele and protect their capital.


Our Services

All of the services we provide lead to one ultimate goal: Increasing client wealth. 

We acknowledge that the most important factors for clients when they invest are: Profits and Security.

To achieve these goals, Cornerstone provide the following services. To understand each of these in depth, please head over to the Services page.


Cryptocurrency Trading

Portfolio Management




How It Works

Extensive Research

Extensive research into the market is completed by our experts. We eliminate losses and maximise profits by doing in depth research on the assets. Assessing whether the investment is safe is a top priority.

Portfolio Discussion

Firstly you will receive our brochure so you understand the way everything works. Once you are a client of ours we will then discuss your portfolio with you. Clients will receive the legal contract along with the assets we picked for investment.

Updates For Clients

We understand that our clients like to know about their portfolio. Cornerstone will provide an update to suit the needs of the investor. Most clients choose to be updated once every 3 months as they have busy schedules. We make sure you have a choice.

Profit Taking

When it comes to taking profits, we will advise when to come out of the market. Our experts are trained to understand when the best time to leave the market is, to maximise profits. Our fees will be stated in the brochure and on the contracts, so there is no hidden costs. We will send profits straight to your bank.

  • Easy & Simple Trading Tools

  • Over 100 Satisfied Clients

  • Constantly Evolving

  • Certified Professional Traders

  • Performance Based Fees

  • 20+ Years of Experience

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